About Shin

Welcome to my homepage.

On paper, I am trained as an aerospace engineer. But to be truthful, the things I do today are mostly stuff I learned outside of formal education, so it's hard to say what I am exactly. These days, I tend to go more by "pianist" or "composer". But since I'm always learning new stuff, I'll probably go by something completely different in a couple of years.

When I'm not working on music, I like to teach math and science to kids.

I learned music the fun way: by going through my parents' record collection and learning to play them by ear on the piano. It took me a long time, but looking back, it was worth it!

I now spend my days writing, arranging, and performing music in Los Angeles. I love solo piano and combo jazz.

Some engineering projects I've worked on include ATHLETE, LauncherOne, and Google.

I have made a couple of piano albums of my music compositions:

If anything about me or my works piques your interest, feel free to hit me up at hello@shinadachi.com